Yamhill County Commissioners 2nd amendment meeting (full script)

****RE-EDITED FOR CLARITY Reporters notes from commissioners meeting

Commissioners proposal

Yamhill county commission meeting March 21 2019

second amendment
first lady giving testimony “i am opposed, not because i want to go into 2nd amendment rights. when we pass local resolutions, we are saying we don’t have to follow the law. We elect legislator, we pass laws, those can be challenged in courts. we should follow laws until they are changed. If we by pass that we
disrespect the system. we don’t seem to have a forum to discuss these things. Is it possible to talk about these in a county forum to to lsiten to each other. I would like to see a forum of these debates

Keith Urban, Amity. I want to thank the board for the pledge of allegiance. I recognize the board that recognized the bill of rights, the legislature is treading where it should not go. Please stand up for the bill of rights in Yamhill County

Steve Wick, Gaston Oregon. I want to address 2nd amendment rights. As a farmer, I have to have guns. right now in my filbert orchard i have a problem trapping squirrels. The youth I have used come up and bring their 22 semi automatic rifles and they keep the squirrels under control. I use a shotgun . we I also have a real problem with coyotes on my property. My kids hunt the coyotes. One of the coyotes ate my wife’s poodle in my backyard. I want to protect my family and my farm.

Roy White, Newberg, it has become obvious the anti 2nd amendment crowd wants to completely destroy our rights. If they get their way a 15-round magazine will get this old buzzard in jail.

Alisa Owen, High Heaven Road, the 2nd amendment is obsolete. the current trend firearm fetish is a danger to public health and safety.

Nick Marace, Newberg. resident of Yamhill county for more than ten years. our constitutional rights are in danger of being taken away by a stroke of a pen. We are on the verge of making law abiding citizen criminal. It is reckless. These people adhere to current laws who use firearms. we look to our leaders to make sure we live as free people. this ordinance is to protect our rights as citizens. current pending legislation only produces ….criminals have no regard for the law.

Jim Goins, born and raised here. I want to talk about the new gun laws. The 2nd amendment is the purest metaphor of freedom.

Joyce Morrow, McMinnville, i live out in the county. as a woman we need to be able to protect our lands. I have my fences and locked gates cut. I have had cougars kill deer on my back patio. I support 2nd amendment sanctuary status.

Dominic Gepetro, McMinnville, a number of bills in the Oregon legislature are failing to honor the 2nd amendment this would amount to registration and collection of weapons. It’s illegal to even conspire to take away these rights.

Ian Horton, native american, Oregon is a very special place to me. I am honored (picture) we are hear talking here about fear . It is our heritage as Americans to defend the rights of the weak and needy.

(picture) Victoria Grabaw, Dayton, full time employee who took time from work. I have many licenses in Oregon. i’m a law abiding citizen If Portland can be a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, why can’t Yamhill County be a sanctuary county for law abiding citizens.

john Englebret, McMinnville, the Oregon constitution says you have a right to own a gun for your protection. I read bills in Salem that say I can’t only shoot 100 shells a month. My pistol carries seven rounds. Every time i turn around in Salem, somebody is grandstanding clips, semis, shotguns, outlaw the way you store it. If you don’t protect the right , you would find yourself being ruled and not governed.

Dana Gilbert, McMinnville, last year a 17 year old girl moved in with us. We were one of the first in the county the extreme risk challenge. It was the first challenged. In this case, this decision allowed her to be heard. there is a time and a place for guns. Guns don’t need protection, they need regulation.

Jim Mitchell, Sheridan , retired copy, firearms instructor. Oregon constitution is more specific than the 2nd amendment. It says citizens should have the right to bear arms for their own defense. we have been told the 2nd amendment is outdated, it is not.

George Orr, McMinnville. moved here years ago with my family. I saw this state allowing 2nd amendment. I came to Oregon because I had to leave another state where i lost that right. Now, i’m looking at losing that right in Oregon.

Douglas Barry, McMinnville, the second amendment was to control government. sanctuary status was started for illegal aliens. that’s okay by Kate Browns. But it’s not okay to protect citizen’s who are abiding laws. My wife is from South America. We get to see Venezuela people, they wish they still had their guns, all of them. Our two year plan is to move out of this state.

Steve Somerfeld, Yamhill County, owned firearms all my live. I found it abhorrent for owning a larger magazine (makes me illegal) I support enactment of a second amendment sanctuary

Sue dolvenfall, Hillsboro in Yamhill County, i am concerned that I can’t go anywhere to find an exact wording of the ordinance you are considering today. I am concerned about a legal challenge, the county may open itself to a legal challenge. This could be a long lengthy challenge. what cost to fight this? My concern is the financial status of how we would move this forward. examine the cost and legal ramification if the amendment is passed.

Joe Eubanks, Newberg, it’s my job to protect the weak in law enforcement. I have seen citizens protect law enforcement from criminals, limiting their magazines is not a good idea. I feel that any of these people behind me would stop and help me with their weapons if i was being attacked on a traffic stop. to push teachers and keep them from having a firearm would keep them from protecting students. we are asking you as your constituents to stand up for our rights. I don’t know who in law enforcement who would enforce this law (meaning police would use discretion and not actively investigate certain stricter magazine laws).

I would like to know who would stand on the doorstep of a law abiding system and have to take their high capacity magazine. passing a law makes people feel good, but doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter in stopping gun violence.

Jim Ludwig, McMinnville. I am in support of making Yamhill County a sanctuary county for gun officers. My father was a machinist mate in World War two. we have laws in our country. the laws that protect us don’t seem to matter those in salem or Washington DC. I support 2nd amendment sanctuary status for Yamhill County.

Arthur ? yamhill county, own a small farm. veteran. proud and safe gun owner. safe responsible legal gun owners represent all facets of life. We are asking you to support our second amendment rights.

The 20 round limit will make us less safe. If you are an active, practicing gun owner you need to practice to make sure you are accurate. 20 rounds is gone in a few minutes, You need to practice to stay safe. Laws do not counteract human nature. what this will do will affect all of us who will obey the law, they will disarm the citizens. You will see the rise in black market activity. I don’t want to see that in Yamhill county. everyone who wants a gun and doesn’t care about the law will get a gun. The black market will explode.

It will be more people who don’t care about safety. I disagree about the “Fetish” comment was insulting. If you listen in the public someone will get insulted. People who have a serious belief and it’s not a fetish. I think it’s very clear our second amendment is under attack. I would reiterate the voices here today, please, make a statement to enforce the sanctuary measure for Yamhill County.

Leslie Tate, i want you to vote no on this sanctuary law. It would empower the sheriff to not enforce current good laws. It asks too much of the sheriff to figure out what is constitutional and not. People should be talking to the state legislature. It’s not the place of the county commission to honor this sanctuary statement or law, we have not even had the opportunity to see. I ask you to vote against it. It is not appropriate for the county to consider it.

Mark Goss, Lafayette. i agree with a lot of people. I am a competitive shooter for 15 years. my son for four to five years. it’s been a really good thing for my family. we meet other people we would not meet. It’s give our family a chance to meet people we otherwise would not. We have competed in Oregon , Washington, Idaho, Ohio, Florida….all over the nation. we have shot in state matches, national matches. We are shooting 12-thousand rounds per year.

The 20 rounds per month limits us too much. People are having fun, having a great time. the senate bills would eliminate that from a lot of people. Our local matches have 70 to 100 shooters per month.

some locations have up to 600 shooters competing. I worry that if these measures get passed, and we don’t have sanctuary status…. a lot of the gun owners will either become criminals or have to move (to another state). It’s not right for law abiding citizens to suddenly become a criminal because they have a gun that holds too many rounds. It’s easier to blame an object than the criminal.

(woman), I am frustrated to be here. at 11:30 am i pulled the ordinance up in front of me…. 30 minutes is not enough time to consider an ordinance that bucks state law. It’s frustrating to not know why i am here. Incivility occurs when we don’t get enough notice. Justice comes down to our laws. when we buck our laws, incivility occurs. When i’m up in Alaska a gun is a tool to protect us from bears. We need to make these comments to the Oregon legislature, not the county commission.

We should not buck the laws, we have taken an oath to the flag and the country. Trying to join with the immigration sanctuary status doesn’t work, that is under federalism. The frustration I have heard is palpable. People need to protect the farms. You need to direct your frustration to the legislature. There are so many people who are not handling guns as a tool. What is in front of you is illegal, it will put the sheriff and the county commissioners at risk. This is the wrong forum.

Jacob Miller, McMinnville, big issue and people should take this seriously. It could cost the county if they don’t apply the constitutional laws they way they should There is plenty of notice . the Oregon state law is being attacked.

Bill Dollar, Newberg, I am the Yamhill county chapter Oregon Hunting Association president. we have 300-thousand sportsmen and this would make them criminals. We have 6 counties infringing on the rights of the lifestyles and rights of the 30 rural counties in the state The other speaker said this is not the right vehicle. If we can’t be heard at the state level, we have to talk at the county level. This is a topic dividing us. We need to get a grip on this, you have a a big job ahead of you House bill 501, what would happen to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. the sportsmen and woman . we put our money where our mouths are. It sends out a message that we don’t agree how everything is going.

Merril Kunkle, Newberg, I am not opposed to the second amendment. I am surprised we are talking about passing an ordinance that was only written today. I question the legality of these ordinances. Many other sheriffs say these ordinances are only symbolic. why pass ordinances that are only symbolic. It is the place of the courts not the county commissioners. Opinions should be voiced at the state legislature

rufus Hurn, Sheridan . In Las Angeles I was the victim of an home invasion robbery. I had a machete to protect my family. In Las Vegas I had another home invasion robbery, I chambered a round in my gun and went downstairs and i saw the tail lights of the burlgar as they ran from the scene.

Mike Poe, GAston. born and raised in Oregon. i grew up fairly unpolitical. It is necessary for a right state to keep and bear arms. the people have the right to free speech, to keep, to own, and possess, and bear arms. The second amendment is to protect the right of people to protect themselves from threats foreign and domestic. the county is the last line of defense.

Rhonda Landley, McMinnville, my husband is a safe and responsible gun owner. this provides us with a lot of food for our family. I am here to support the second amendment sanctuary county. this winter my and our family….some homeless people were camping near our home. Mac police now say they don’t know the large group of homeless people. without intervention the homeless are overtaking our cities. the city and the county’s are scrambling to find answers. There is an urgency to protect our counties, family and second amendment rights

Jim Crowdstander, McMnnville, I think this meeting has drawn the responsible gun owners. It’s those fringe elements who are not here and who have the guns. those are the people causing problems in society. Whatever they are influenced by, they are inflecting the violence. In reaction to that, the legislature is proposing laws that may be more restrictive than needed. I think ODFW regulates weapons for hunting. when hate groups have access to these weapons, violence happens. I hope the gun owners here they should be proposing some legislation so these fringe groups can’t get guns. Maybe we should have a vote by the people. this isn’t about running the county. This is a political conversation. I think everyone in the county should express their opinion by voting

lance brown, Lafayette, it’s funny this represents they want to pick and choose which rights they want to enforce. the state wants to fight marijuana laws, but won’t fight laws trying to restrict gun rights. Banning semi automatic would decimate the private security industry.
Austin wright, The second amendment has been around for 200 years. This would not be a danger to civilians. law enforcement officers should have to abide by the same laws. Five rounds won’t be enough for me to stop three assailants.

Charles Mace, Newberg, I am a first responder for a utility. I know what it’s like to show up and have someone say you turn off my power and i will kill you. I want to be able to protect myself. I am in support of this (2nd amendment sanctuary ordinance) and i am sorry the state has put you in this situation.

Ron Simmons, in 2015, senate bill 941 was passed. Many county sheriffs said they would not enforce this law. Michael Bloomberg has put 80-million dollars to help gun grabbing politicians. I watched the hearings on 941. It lasted two hours, it was a formality. The politicians were not listening.

county attorney Boenisch….Right now, what you are considering is drafted in the form of a ballot measure. Today’s “wording before you is not meant to be voted on as a county ordinance….it would have to be revised if we we considering it an ordnance…It would require a public reading at two meeting 13 days apart unless it’s an emergency …

If we put it on the ballot, The cost is divided between the issues on the ballot. It it were the only item, it would be eighty thousand dollars. If it came through an initiative petition, there is no cost to the county.

the other petition effort did not provide the signatures to put it on the ballot. . there is legally the opportunity to have an election in September…..there is of course November, but right now there are no items that would be on the November ballot.

the clerk said the next election would be the May 2020 election to keep the costs down.

Sheriff Svenson, it’s my duty to serve as the chief exectuvie officer i take it under I support the second amendment. There are a lot of scenarios where bad people get guns. Since that law has been passed, it’s a tool , if there is a right oppontunity that will be another charge we will ad this . I think the dialogue and the conversation needs to start changing. Oregon has one of the lowest incidents of mass shootings. three major areas of concerns 1. Mental Health issues. 2. appropriate 3. medical
as elected sheriffs that addressing the areas of concern could address gun violence. Addressing start increasing funding for mental health services, statewide school safety
conservator of the peace. Myself and 35 other sheriffs are trying to address the issues affecting gun violcne. member of the executive board of the Oregon state sheriffs association.

Sheriff “just came back in talking to 19 western states sheriffs. at the end fo the day, it’s struggle for sheriffs…..Sheriffs have to struggle with anything that creates a problem with following the oath. If we could send a message to Salem that it makes our case

Commissioner Rick Olson “i am concerned about preemption of state laws, new and current laws.” If it was worded right. even the one i got this morning, i would have a problem with. I may have an issue

Sheriff “at the end of the day there are laws on the books that are not being enforced. We tend to have knee jerk reactions, things like changing mag capacity….it makes people feel like they are doing something…..but it really doesn’t help end shooting violence”

Starrett “i would like to make an ordnance. I think resolutions are fine. we can send all the messages to Salem, but they are not listening. In consultation with sheriffs and attorney . We need to pass an ordinance.

Olson “I think we are on a slippery slope. Our government is breaking down at the state and local level. I think we need to be spending our time on the things that impact Yamhill County. People with all kinds of requests will come in and ask us to take a stance. People could come and ask us to make Yamhill County an immigration sanctuary county. (i don’t think we want to go there)

Kulla “I am uncomfortable asking staff to draft an ordinance to make Oregon a 2nd amendment sanctuary county. It goes against state law, (and that’s something we need to follow)

Yamhill County Attorney Christian Boenisch “state law says the state is the regulator of gun laws, so we are setting ourselves up for a challenge if we pass a sanctuary ordinance.” “passing such an ordinance would prohibit the sheriff from having the discretion of enforcing laws”

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