Truck Stolen From Behind Yamhill Business

Stolen Truck in Yamhill County, OR

A local Yamhill fire fighters truck was stolen from behind his business last night according to Phillip Spencer who called KLYC this morning requesting help to try and find the stolen vehicle.

The truck is a 1958 Chevy Apache and is bright yellow in color. It had several chainsaws and other equipment in it. The vehicle was stolen from behind the T & E General Store located at 110 S Maple St, Yamhill.

If you spot this vehicle please call YCOM immediately at 503-434-6500. The authorities have been notified and we are requesting all everyone keep a lookout for the truck.

Stolen 1958 Chevy Apache

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Author: Wes

2 thoughts on “Truck Stolen From Behind Yamhill Business

  1. If the truck has been recovered, as I understand it has been, could you update your post? Often when a post is updated it often updates across the platforms that have shared it, thus eliminating this from a lost truck alert that cycles for years.


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