Yamhill County Commissioners to make budget committee appointment next Thursday

A lot of interest in being appointed to the Yamhill County Budget Committee. Seven people have applied for consideration in the last week. Respected budget committee member Chris McClaren had decided to step down. There was some confusion as to when McClaren informed commissioners as the vacancy came to light just as the budget committee is getting ready to sit down and work.

Commissioners have decided to fast track the selection process and will review the applicants at next Thursday’s formal 10am meeting and make an appointment at that same meeting. The budget committee meetings start the following week.

Those who have applied are Lindsay Berschauer, Margaret Cross, Sarah Grider, Susan Meredith, Lisa Pool, Brett Slaughter, Mary Stern.
County Administrator Ken Huffer has been tasked to ensure notice is given to the public and committee appointments are filled next time before the last minute.

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