There was a lot of emotion evident as Yamhill County Commissioner Stan Primozich attended his last official formal session.   Incoming commissioner Casey Kulla will take the oath of office in a ceremony at the courthouse Monday morning at 8:15am.

Last night, commissioners from Wasco and Marion County attended a farewell get together for Primozich

Yamhill County Clerk Brian Van Bergen was very emotional in his farewell.   Van Bergen says Stan in a great guy, it was an honor to work with him and that the citizens of the county have no idea how hard Primozich has worked for them.

Primozich said it’s been his 5th career, and the most energizing, rewarding and uplifting position he has held.   He has done a lot of things in his lifetime. He says this is the first time since he was nine years old that he has been unemployed.    He says he is way too young for retirement.

Primozich says he is impressed with the county staff, their commitment to residents, and he made him want to work harder.   He appreciated the work and the patience of Yamhill County staff in working with him.

Primozich says he’s not going anywhere and will try to find ways to further enhance life in Yamhill County through the relationships he has built while serving on the commission.

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