Land use group concerned about wine tourism growth, want commissioners to set policy

As the winery industry and wine tourism grows in Yamhill County, a local land use watch dog group says they are concerned that some of the bed and breakfast venues could grow large enough to impact neighbors on lands zoned for farm use…..and that tasting rooms could become “event centers”.
The most recent request involves the Abbey Road winery near Carlton. New owners had wanted to convert a silo into more tasting rooms. The winery agreed to reduce their expansion to satisfy the concerns of Friends of Yamhill County, however the Friends group wants county commissioners to look at this expanding industry and give some direction.  Abbey Road agreed to only rent out five rooms, scaling back from their original plan of nine rooms.

In testimony before commissioners, Katherine Jernstedt of Friends of Yamhill County said it would save time if commissioners gave some direction rather task an overburdened staff with having to formulate policy through complaints which would occur on a case by case basis.

Commissioners agree and have directed the county administrator to schedule a work session where they can sort out the issues.

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