KLYC survey shows county split on Yamhelas Trail

KLYC Survey on Yamhelis Westsider Trail. KLYC conducted a survey during June asking if people wanted the trail. We asked two questions. Do you want the trail? and did the county do everything they could to inform the public and make them a part of the process.

Results were roughly about 50-50. do you want the trail? 186 responses….51 percent said no. Did the county do all they could to involve the public, 79 responses……57 percent said no.
This is an unscientific straw poll survey. You could only vote once from a given IP address, but there is the possibility people voted more than once from a different computer or web device.

With all the talk about the trail, KLYC was interested in what a straw poll vote would tell us.
Yamhill County continues to work on the trail and opponents have filed an appeal with the Land Use Board of Appeals on the county’s decision to include the trail as part of the county’s Transportation System Master Plan.

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