Almost 200 people attended a Senator Ron Wyden town hall in McMinnville Friday. . Top on everyone’s mind is when will the government be re-opened.

Wyden said shuttering the government as a filibuster for President Trump’s border wall is a bad idea because it hurts government workers and the public. He would have rather voted to keep the government operating and then discuss the wall.

Wyden called for a tidal wave of protest from the nation to force the issue and get the government re-opened.

Wyden used his own heritage as an example that the United States is a country of immigrants. Wyden’s grandfather died in a concentration camp and his father escaped to America.

Wyden said he will continue to fight for the environment and pressure big social media companies to stop mining personal data. Wyden says he is not adverse to seeking prison time for internet executives if they are found to flagrantly violate personal privacy in tracking internet usage.

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