Evergreen Museum sees movement in Falls Event Center bankruptcy case

There finally seems to be forward movement in the Falls Event Center Bankruptcy proceeding and how it relates to McMinnville’s Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Museum Director John Rasmussen in an interview with KLYC Radio says the court trustee has determined that the Falls Event Center has no chance for reorganization and is asking the court for permission to list the properties for sale with the global real estate firm Jones, Long, and LaSalle.
A hearing on this request is set for April 30th.

Rasmussen is pleased the museum was able to convince the trustree and the court to keep the museum apart from other holdings of the Falls Event Center.
Rasmussen says unnamed “people have expressed interest” in the McMinnville museum property. He calls the McMinnville properties unique in their design and layout and feels they lend themselves to use as a museum. Rasmussen tells KLYC News he is 98 percent confident that a new buyer would want to keep the museum intact, in place and operational.

Rasmussen admits the museum may never see 420 -thousand dollars owed to it by the Falls Event Center because too many other creditors are in line for the money. He is glad to see movement on this issue, the last update was in August. The museum had wanted the judge to dismiss the bankruptcy case, but that is a moot point since the Trustee has determined the Falls Event Center could not be reorganized as an ongoing business.

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