Commissioners to discuss locked gates

Yamhill county commissioners will be talking about gates again this (Tuesday) afternoon in their informal session. Recently, commissioners tried to strike a compromise and voted two to one with commissioner Starrett dissenting to keep the High Heaven Road gate closed until liability questions are answered.
But commissioners said if those questions are not answered by April first, the gate will be opened and locked open. Weyerhaeuser is concerned about who has the liability to maintain the road. The High Heaven Gate issue has evolved into a larger discussion over locking of gates in Yamhill County as sportsmen and recreational users say they want access to public lands. Some even accuse Weyerhaeuser of restricting access to profit from fees for access.
Commissioner Starrett says she is concerned about dumping and private parties on the mountain side of the gate and feels those concerns need to be addressed. Commissioners Olson and Kulla are leaning more towards ensuring the public has access, while trying to address the dumping question and loud parties.
Commissioners will meet at 1:30 pm today. KLYC will be there with live Video and cover the story.
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