Commissioners look at scrapping Solid Waste Advisory Committee, starting over with unbiased oversight


Starting over with more citizen involvement

It’s time to disband the Yamhill County Solid Waste advisory committee, re-write the bylaws and make sure the committee is made up of members who can provide unbiased oversight.

That seems to be the take away after today’s Yamhill County Commissioners meeting.

Jennifer Noble told county commissioners she is concerned that it has become an industry committee, making decisions favoring the solid waste industry.

She points to a recent comment by the committee vice chair that he didn’t want to see anyone from the “Stop The Dump group” on the committee because they are biased. Noble confronted him that he is just as biased, only from the pro industry side.

Commissioner Rick Olson was vocal in his agreement with Noble. Commissioners Starrett and Kulla seemed to be receptive to Olson’s position.

Olson said ” i think it’s definitely a committee (solid waste advisory committee) that needs to have some work done, on all of the bylaws. I would like to see the committee disbanded, have an application process for new membership.

Noble’s comments were given during the public testimony portion of the meeting. Since the item was not on the agenda, commissioner could take no action today other than to give their consensus that the complaint needs to be addressed.

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