Bypass proponents encouraged by leadership change, going for full funding to complete project

Encouraged by the change in leadership in Washington D.C., proponents of the Newberg Dundee Bypass are pushing for full completion in the next round of funding. It has been mentioned in several public meetings, including last night’s Newberg city council meeting that consultants feel Congressman Peter Defazio will help as he steps into a leadership role of the public works committee. Defazio, a Democrat, says he is very pleased with the bypass, and he believes in ear marks. In the past ear marks has been a practice of putting in funding for special projects in Congressional legislation.
Full funding of the bypass would include construction from Rex Hill to Dayton. Until recently, the bypass committee was planning on finishing the project in phases, now they are hopeful to finish all of it in phase two.
At the end of the month, several members of the bypass committee will go back to Washington D.C. to lobby for Bypass funding. Defazio is expected to unveil the public works bill during the first part of April and the local bypass committee is hoping for a big chunk of funding from that legislation.
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