Voters flock to the polls to make decisions, judge race too close to call

Voter turn out in Yamhill County was a whopping 65 percent yesterday as all of the rhetoric in local, state, and national races served to prod voters to the polls.

IN Yamhill County we are still wating for a winner in the Circuit Court judge race between Jennifer Chapman and Lisl Miller. Chapman leads by 130 votes to Miller’s 18,417.

Yamhill County commissioner Stan Primizich has lost his seat to challeger Casey Kulla. Kulla 55 percent of the vote to Primozich 44 to percent. Kulla had 21,131 to Primozich 16,753
State Representative Ron Noble fended off the second challenge from Ken Moore. Noble 56 percent to Moore’s 43 percent. Noble 13,200 to Moore 10,092

Lafayette voters finally approve a five-point-one million dollar request for a fire station, 928 to 726, that is a little more than 56 percent approval vote

Lafayette voters also resoundly approve small animals in the city limits with 70 percent of the vote, 1171 to 495
City of Sheridan police fees request goes down to defeat 910 to 632, that is 59 percent no.

in McMinnville, city councilor Sal Peralta fending off two challengers soundley. Peralta with 52 percent of the vote to Chris Chenoweth 33 percent and Leanna Gautney 14 percent. That is Peralta 1789, Chenoweth 1135 and Gautney 504.

Challenger Zack Geary defeating incumbent Alan Ruden with almost 67 percent of the vote, 2925 to 1433.
Remy Drabkin was unopposed and gathered 96 percent of the vote.
Newberg will have a new major Rick Rogers gathered almost 64 percent of the vote to Nicholoas Morace 28-percent, and Buddy Cook 7 percent. Rogers-5584, Morace-2486, and Cook-685
Newberg city council, District 6 goes to Stephanie Findley with 73 perent of the vote, 5007 to Brad Sitton 26-percent at 1777.
No significant write in efforts against either Patrick Johnson or Elizabeth Gemeroy. Both getting in excess of 52-hundred votes with a hundred or less write ins.

Lafayette and Sheridan each fielding six candidates for three at large council positions.

In Layette Christine Brungardt (927)was first with 26 percent, Sheila Neuman (559)2nd with 15.8 %, Wade Witherspoon(551 with 15.6 percent. Tie for fourth place at 517 votes for both Gordon Cook and David Sword 14.6%, and fifth place to Jeremy Rametes (389)at 11%.

In sheridan Lucy Hebert led with (784) 22%, to Rich Cox Sr (652) 19%, third to Sandy Walker 16 percent (570). Top three are elected. Fourth to Heidi Careaga 14 % (501). Tie for 5th place at (448) 13% to Melissa Brown and Cindy Sample

Yamhill chooses Yvette Potter to be mayor (248) with 48 % of the vote, Jason Yates (176) with 34% and Charles Mitchell (83) at 16%

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