Sentence passed in Salem double murder

On February 5, 2018, Marcelino Osorio-Jiminez (36) pled guilty to two counts of Aggravated Murder with a Firearm and one count Attempted Aggravated Murder with a Firearm for the June 2017 killings of Hector Martinez-Arroyo (26) and Carlos Zepeda-Ponce (50) and attempted killing of Maria Ordaz-Campos. Marion County Circuit Court Judge Sean Armstrong sentenced Marcelino Osorio-Jimenez to life in prison, with a minimum incarceration of 55 years before he is eligible for parole.

On June 18, 2017, Defendant waited outside Billares Rosito, located at 1572 Lancaster Drive, Salem, OR, with a loaded handgun for the victims to leave. The parties had a history of verbal altercations, but there were no documented violent encounters to that point. When the victims left the pool hall at approximately 11pm, Defendant shot Hector several times as Hector approached his vehicle, then approached and shot Carlos several times; he then took one shot at Maria as she ran back into the pool hall, but missed. Defendant fled the scene but was immediately apprehended by the Salem Police Department. He has been in custody at the Marion County Jail since that day.

The case was investigated by Salem Police detectives.

This murder was “Aggravated Murder” because Defendant intentionally caused the death of more than one person in the same criminal episode. In exchange for a guilty plea to all three counts of the indictment, the state agreed to a life sentence with a minimum incarceration of 55 years before parole eligibility.

Judge Armstrong imposed that sentence, sentencing Marcelino Osorio-Jiminez to life with 30 years for count one, then life with 30 years on count 2, with 25 of the 30 years consecutive to count 1 for a total sentence of life with a 55 year minimum. Count 3 was 120 months concurrent to the other counts.

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