BROOKINGS: The Hooskanadan slide is still active this morning. Traffic is detouring using Carpenterville Highway. Freight restrictions are in effect and motor carrier enforcement officers are on both sides checking traffic.

Drivers are reminded that Carpenterville Highway is a long, narrow and winding road with steep grades and an elevation change of 1,700 feet.

Meantime, ODOT has an apparent low bidder on a contractor to repair the slide. But until the slide slows, work cannot begin.  The slide continues to move at a rate of nearly two-feet an hour.

Here are the freight restrictions

  • Truck Tractor and Semitrailer Combinations (fifth wheel hitch) – 60 feet overall length, 40 foot trailer length.
  • Truck and Trailer Combinations (pintle hitch) – 65 feet overall length, 40 foot trailer length.
  • Doubles Combinations – 65 feet overall length, 40 foot trailer length.
  • Other length limits as shown on Group Map 1.


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