Newberg city council paves the way for redevelopment of mobile home park

Newberg city council voting four to two last night to upscale zoning for the Newberg mobile home park to high density residential. This was over the objection of a handful of residents of the mobile home park fearing they will be displaced.  The Park is located at 501 and 507 East Illinois Street.

Park owner Doug Peterson says the mobile home park was built in the 60s and has reached it’s end of life. The spaces are designed for single wides and the park infrastructure is failing. In the next three to five years, he would like to see it developed into high density residential units. Peterson stresses the park wants to give residents ample time to find another home.

There are currently no plans to build and no plans to immediately close the park, but Peterson wants to set the stage for the future.

City council agreed, however councilors Scott Essin and Stephen McKinney were the lone dissenters. Essin says mobile home parks comprise a segment of the city’s affordable housing and he didn’t feel right about setting the stage for the park’s eventual removal.

Other councilors were very emphatic, but said it’s the best use of the land for the city to provide more and varied affordable housing. Again, there are no plans to immediately close the park, and the zoning change sets the stage for possible development in the next three to five years.

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