Newberg city council fills vacancy with Holloman

Councilors appoints Elise Yarnell Hollamon to fill District 1 seat on the Newberg City Council for a term ending December 31st, 2020, and be sworn in at the October 1st, 2018 City Council Work Session.

The Council conducted interviews of Candidates Elise Yarnell Hollamon and Buddy Cook during the September 17, 2018 Work Session and made the decision at the Business Session.

Yarnell Hollamon is a professional in the field of healthcare administration, currently serves on the City Budget Committee, is a member of the Young Professionals Group, Community Wellness Collective and the Yamhill Community Care Organization Committee. As Yarnell Holloman stated in the application, public service in government has always been a goal.

“Serving in the community I work and live feels the perfect time to really invest in the people with my talents and interests … I feel I could be a bridge to the city with health organizations and community agencies to provide creative solutions to housing, food insecurity, mental health, addiction, and violence.” – Elise Yarnell Hollamon

The District 1 vacancy was created after Matt Murray resigned on June 2, 2018 due to a job promotion that required relocating out of state. The City Charter states that vacancies on the Council are to be filled by appointment of the City Council. The vacancy is filled through solicitation of applications from citizens who meet the Charter criteria for appointment. The individual must live within District No. 1, be a registered voter, and have resided in the City for at least a year prior to appointment.

District 1 is generally located in and near downtown Newberg. The main rail line is the northern boundary. Villa Road is the eastern boundary. First Street is the southern boundary east of River Street.  Fifth Street is the southern boundary west of River Street. The western boundary is the city limits.

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