Newberg city council discusses mission of Chehalem Chamber

What should be the direction of the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce? Should they promote tourism or spend more time supporting businesses, existing and new business looking at coming to Newberg. That was the center of discussion for the Newberg City council last night. Council received a rather lengthy presentation from Chamber Board member Carr Biggerstaff. Biggerstaff says the board has been struggling with the amount of time the chamber has been giving to tourism and wonder if the core function should be promoting business. To that end, a survey will be going out today (2/21/18) asking members what they think. Newberg councilor Denise Bacon said she supports the Chamber, but reminds the chamber that hotel motel tax moneys should be used to promote tourism. She also questions the fact that when you look at visitor and website counts, the Chamber costs $12.61 per visitor contact and she wonders if current operations are the best use of the money.

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