The city of Newberg is looking at a looming deficit in the coming years. City councilors heard the grim numbers last night. In the next year or two, residents could be asked to raise the property tax, the city utility fee, or face a decrease in services including in the police department.

In the 2018-2019 budget, the city is looking at an almost 1-point-four million dollar shortfall. They have not dipped into the red ink yet, and that gives the city a chance to talk to the voters and hear what you want to do before they run out of money. Choices are less services, or pay more money.
in the 2018-19 public safety budget, which includes police, court, and dispatch….the cost is almost 7-point-6 million dollars. The city brings in almost four-and-a-half million in property tax revenues.

The city will conduct surveys and town hall meetings to ask your advice. One option is to possibly raise property taxes by a dollar per thousand which would raise almost two million dollars. Another is to raise the public safety fee by 19 dollars per month on your utility bill.

Depending on input from citizens, Newberg residents may see some kind of tax increase request in the May election. Only a simple majority would be required for passage in the May election. We will let you know the dates of the public town hall meetings. KLYC will video record and live video stream the town hall meetings. The public will be encouraged to attend.