Yamhill Carlton Elementary school cancelled due to outage, 2000 customers impacted

Two thousand customers affected by a power outage in the Yamhill Carlton area this (friday, Dec 21 2018). Melanie Erdman of PGE says crews are investigating. Indications are the outage was not due to a transformer exploding. Erdman says a line overload condition can cause a lot of sparks and noise when the fuse blows. Outage started at 6:47am and indications are power should be on before noon. School was cancelled in the Yamhill Carlton School district today (friday). Some customers on the outskirts of McMinnville may also be affected.

Yesterday, (thursday), 300 customers were without power when a large limb from an oak tree near the steel mill brushed a line and caused a feeder line to “trip out”. That outages lasted 35 minutes and also took the KLYC transmitter off the air. KLYC does have a manual generator and the power came back on just as we were switching over to generator power.

McMinnville Water and Light Electrical Division Director Scott RosenBalm says Mac Water and Light had no outages this morning.

Roads were very slick and there were a reports of cars sliding and a few accidents. Please be careful.

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