Public warned of small McMinnville sewage leak


the city of McMinnville has confirmed TODAY (Feb 1, 2019) they have had a small sewage leak near 717 Northwest Yamhill Street. Residents called and said there was a slow leak coming from the ground. City workers confirmed it was a leaking sewer line by putting dye in the line. The flow is being diverted back into the city sewage system.

McMinnville Water Treatment Plant Operations Superintendent Leland Koester says estimates are the leak was about two gallons per minute, total amount of about four thousand gallons may have leaked into Cozine Creek and flowed through the creek in McMinnville’s Lower City Park.

Signs are posted to warn the public. Please Don’t bath in the creek, don’t drink the water, or fish. stay out of the water. Signs will stay up until Monday.
it appears that the joints of an old cement line are leaking.

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