Organizers dub Mac Short Film Festival a success and growing

Organizers are calling it the most successful film festival to date. Despite one of the worst snow storms of the season, the McMinnville Short Film Festival still managed to grow this year in attendance and the number of films shown.
Festival spokesman Dan Morrow telling KLYC News that 50 films were show and from 100 to 125 people showed up at each of the four showings in McMinnville. Morrow says eight years of promoting the festival is starting to show big returns. It’s the most number of films the festival has had, and the most foreign films this year. This year there were films from Israel, New Zealand, and other countries.

Morrow says he and has wife operated Movetime video rental store for 16 year and watched thousands of movies. They have always had a love of films and its great to be involved in such an event. Barlow admits he was a bit horrified when he heard of this weekend’s weather forecast. A few film makers were not able to make air travel connections through Portland due to the weather, but the move watchers came. And they came in larger numbers then ever.

Husband and wife team Savannah and AJ Gordon both work in the entertainment industry. Savannah enjoys the level of passion in the short film industry, and for the love of the art form. They both produce commercials and other longer form projects. They help because they love it. Savannah works in costume and AJ is a producer.

Chad Sogas won four awards from the McMinnville Short Film Festival for the film “He Calls Them All by Name”. He won awards for Best Cinematography, best actor, Best sound mising , and best editing. The film is about the ramification of an escalating disagreement between two farmers. Sogas likewise had high praise for the Mac Film Festival, saying it’s all about promoting the films to the public and giving film makers a great opportunity to network.

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