Nerdherd raising money to compete in World Competion


Yamhill County’s own robotics team, the NerdHerds are poised to be the first local team to compete in the FRC World Robotic Competition in Houston Texas.

However the team needs to raise ten thousand dollars to pay for registration and transportation, among other expenses. As of 9 am, April 9th, the team has raised almost two thousand dollars. As an incentive, business gets mentions on social media, KLYC Radio, and logos on the robot during the Houston competition. You can donate online to Go Fund Me.

To help, some of the students are being asked to pay their own way, but some can not afford such an expense. Air fare is about half the expense.

There will be 300 teams comprised of ten thousand students competing in the Houston Astrodome.

The Nerdherds robot has been repaired and tested after it’s radio was damaged by another robot which “popped a wheelie”, over rode the NerdHerd’s robot bumper and crashed into the radio.

In the most recent District FRC competition at the Tacoma Convention Center, 64 teams competed over two days. Worlds is 3-day, running six fields, six divisions. winners move into the Einstein competition.

Ethan Hanson says there will be a fireworks display, celebrities will be there.

It’s a great experience, with awesome competition, and networking

The strategy…….there will be less defense and more offense in world competition.

They are expecting higher scores in Worlds than in the District competition, and they need ten thousand dollars to go. Hanson says it will be the experience of a lifetime and appreciates your help.

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