McMinnville looks at making planning department pay it’s way

McMinnville’s planning department is subsidized 90 percent by the city’s general fund. Tonight City council is looking at possibly increasing user fees to make the program self sustaining to more money can be moved to budget items serving all city residents.

When the city last reviewed it’s fee studies in 2002, the building program was fully self funded by permit fees, and it still is. Then the recomendation was to move to 55-percent cost recovery for the city’s planning expenses. Many cities have full cost recovery by fees and the Mac city council is looking at following suit.

Dan Edds with the company Capital Accounting Partners will present a report to councilors during their work session that recomends the city start with 55-percent recovery and move to full recovery by fees over the next five years.
The 5:45pm McMinnville city council work session is open to the public and will be held in the Kent Taylor Civic Hall.

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