McMinnville council to meet tonight, discuss car camping and parks

The McMinnville city council meets tonight at 5:30pm in one of their newly scheduled worksessions. Items on the table tonight including looking at the growing occurrence of car and RV parking and living. Doran Drive residents have been complaining about the increased number of people living on the street in their RVs and cars. They have complained of finding needles and not feeling safe. The RV campers have said they just want a place to “be”. City Council has started to look at a program used by the Eugene Springfield area where the city sanctions a specific location, and people can stay their for 90 days if they follow the rules. Such rules as keep a tidy camp, no unruly behavior, and use provided garbage service.

Champion Teams of McMinnville have offered to monitor a site. Recology has offered to provide garbage service, but so far, no one has offered any location. Council has not made any decision but are discussing the proposal.

Council will also discuss the prohibition of alcohol in city parks and events. Specifically the Walnut City Music Festival wants to move from the Grainary District to Lower City Park as a venue and the city must give it’s blessing. Meeting starts tonight at 5:30pm at the Kent Taylor Civic Auditorium. KLYC will provide a live video stream of the meeting at KLYCRADIO on Facebook.

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