McMinnville considers delay on enforcement of sign ordinance, proposing “triggers” to require compliance


Citing the very real possibility of court challenges, the city of McMcinnville is backing off on forcing non compliant signs to be upgraded by December 31st. Instead the city is moving towards amending their code to include a “trigger” to require property owners to bring signs into compliance. A public hearing will be held March 15th on this new change.

The city had upgraded their sign code in 2008 to set maximum height and size restrictions in order to stop the incursion of very large signs on highway 99 W and highway 18. Initially the city gave property owners ten years to come into compliance. Property owners started to protest when the city made efforts to enforce the upgrades, threatening legal action.

in 2017 the city informed 140 property owners their signs were out of compliance and those signs should be modified. A number of property owners strongly protested, stating that could cost many thousands of dollars.
Under this latest proposal, there are a number of proposed triggers including any alteration of a non conforming sign requiring a building permit, any alteration of a structure or building on the property that requires a building permit and a certificate of occupancy, changes or expansions of 25 percent of more of the building.

The public hearing will be March 15th 6:30pm at the Kent Taylor Civic Hall.

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