Drag the Gut may not happen in 2018

The city of McMinnville has sent a letter to sponsors of the event stating that no permits have been requested for the 2018 event, and if it’s held without permits, it is essentially an illegal event.   The city also asserts organizer did not see the city was reimbursed for extra costs for police time to help patrol the 2017 event.

This has caused a bit of a push back on social media as supporters of the event blame the city and the downtown merchants for putting the brakes on an inconic festival.    KLYC RADIO supports Drag the Gut but we want to see all parties come to the table and have their concerns addressed so we can have a festival that is fair to as many people as possible, and still brings people to town.

Emotions are running high on this right now.  We would like to see a community dialogue and a coming together to see how we can have a 2018 Drag the Gut festival in 2018.   We welcome your comments.

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