Champion Team hopes to change the perception of homelessness

Champion Teams in McMinnville wants to help bring the community together. Executive Director Heather Hunter was at last night’s (tuesday) McMinnville city council meeting. She knows the community is upset over the trash on Dustin Court and Marsh Lane. They are planning a clean up day on those two streets.

they are also looking for more applicants in McMinnville’s new car park program. In that new program, modeled after Eugene, up to three families are allowed to stay in a car or RV in a parking lot or on property. She says the program will be monitored very closely to ensure unsightly trash or negative behaviors are not allowed. Hunter cautions the public to not stereo type all homeless indviduals as bad people with negative behaviors, pointing to some successful clients in their own program. She points to herself as a great example of a positive outcome after homelessness, and says there are many more people who could be just as successful, if they are given a chance.

Hunter says to her knowledge, other cities are not bussing the homeless to McMinnville. She says the clients they have are the ones they see on a regular basis.
Champion Teams would like to talk to anyone who has questions about the new car park program.

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