Up to a hundred people attended the first annual McMinnville mayor Pillars award last night. Four awards were given. The first three were pillar awards given to those people or groups who have made a significant impact on the city. The first went to Steve Rupp for his efforts to bring publicly viewed artwork into the city.

After his work, the city has 20 pieces of art, four honorariums and efforts are underway to secure permanent funding for artworsk.

Second to Roger Hall, commened for his what was described as his masterful job of guiding the city’s planning commission through it’s complex task of land use and planning.
Third Pillar award to MURAC.

That is the McMinnville Urban Reneway Agency Committee for their effort on improving the livability of the city, especially downtown, developing a downtown plan, as well as the NorthEast Gateway plan and the Alpine improvement plan.

The fourth award is called the Legacy award, and is presented to one individual who has made a profound and lasting impact on McMinnville. He is attorney Dave Haugeberg. Haugeberg has been active in many civic efforts and for the last 35 years has worked tirelessly to secure funding and to push the Newberg Dundee bypass through.

The pillar awards were handmade from Tyler Godowin of Liquid Light Glassworks on Baker Street in McMinnville. Video and pictures are on the KLYCRADIO facebook. page.

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