Dayton teachers union votes no confidence in superintendent

A recent voting majority of the Dayton Teachers union has voted no confidence in the superintendent’s leading of the junior and senior high school. KLYC NEWS is told the vote was taken over a two day period April 4th-5th. 64 percent voted no confidence in Superintendent Jason Hay. We are unable to quote anyone as we are told employees are afraid of reprisals from the administration.

A board meeting April 9th generated a crowd of upwards of 80 people, most with questions about the superintendent. KLYC NEWS was not there that evening as we were covering the McMinnville City Council meeting. We have formally requested the audio recording of that meeting. In an email last night, Superintendent Jason Hay stated that Oregon’s Public Records law provides that they provide the recording on or before April 23rd. We will post that recording on line as soon as we get it and paraphrase it on the air.

School Board Chairperson Reba Stoller says she believes all of the conflict is over the superintendent’s unflattering evaluation of High School Principal Jamie Fluke. Employees tell us a different story. They claim problems with the superintendent extend to other district employees, not just Fluke. They are concerned quality people are starting to look for other jobs, or other districts are starting to lure them away, due to the tension.

Stoller says the board is evaluating the union vote.

We have not been able to get an interview with the superintendent. A Wednesday interview to talk about the upcoming levy was cancelled. We have started emailing questions to the board chair so we are not accused of mis quoting. We asked “why does there seem to be so much angst and conflict in the school”? Her answer follows.

Reba Stoller-

“So in any situation where a new superintendent has been hired, there is a period of adjustment as teachers and staff begin to understand the expectations of the working environment. During this time it is of upmost importance that all parties communicate and that the Building Administration help to make sure that teachers and staff make the adjustment by communicating clearly the expectations. I do believe the current situation, the “tension and angst” is linked largely to the performance issues that were the crux of Mrs. Fluke’s employee evaluation and the subsequent handling of what should have been a supervisor and employee matter intended to work towards improved performance and the betterment of the district as a whole. There is a lot of “angst” and “tension” in the junior high and high school buildings and diffusing that is definitely in the best interests of our staff and students. I have heard from staff who support Mr Hay and staff who do not. ”

In a meeting earlier this year during which the Fluke evaluation was discussed, Stoller was heard telling Fluke and Hay they should be a better job of communicating with each other in the future.    KLYC NEWS asked Stoller if she could tell us if, to her knowledge, that communication has improved.   Stoller told us she could not give us any specifics as she was not in any of the meetings between Fluke and Hay.

KLYC NEWS will continue to follow this story.

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