Dayton students stage another protest

A smaller group of Dayton students staged what they called a “silent protest” from 9:35 to 9:45 this (friday) morning outside the school district office.

Student spokesperson Catie Jack says students are still waiting for a promised meeting with Superintendent Jason Hay.

Jack says the students won’t back down and will be back after spring break, and will still be asking for answers.

Jack and others feel Dayton Principal Jamie Fluke was forced to resign after her current contract expires to prevent a negative comment on her record.

Hay tells KLYC News the decision to step down was her decision and he declines to elaborate on specifics of the negative employment evaluation, saying it’s a private matter with Fluke.

Fluke has openly talked about some of the “negative” comments in a school board open session. Those include allowing another supervisor to use a credit card, on which his name did not appear. A supervisor who was later given his own card. Going on an educational trip without the superintendent’s approval. Past policy did not require such approval, new policy does. And appointing a person Dean of Students who Fluke knew before the application. Fluke maintains she did nothing wrong and has the best interests of her students at heart.

Catie Jack says she and many students are not satisfied with the answers and want more details.

School officials say Fluke is welcome to re-apply for her current job in 2020, and their desire is she “works with the superintendent on the issues.”

The school board, in open session, told Hay and Fluke to do a better job of communication with each other in the next year.

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