Mac council takes first step to decrease car and RV campers on city streets

McMinnville, March 27 2018

An ordinance which will allow the city of McMinnville to get tougher on car and RV campers passed muster last night (tuesday) on first reading. The ordinance removes some of the loop holes that have allowed a handful of campers to take up residence on city streets such as Doran Drive. Several people signed up to speak on the issue last night, but council did not give them a chance. Instead another public comment period will come up April 10th when the ordinance will get a second reading and possible adoption.
Ordinance 5049 removes several provisions that have prevented police from taking tougher enforcement action and have raised the ire of several Doran Drive residents who warn their neighborhoods safety and value is decreasing due to the defacto RV camp set up on their street. The new ordinance will allow police to write a ticket after only 24 hours of being parked on a city street and remove the provision that allows the clock to re-start if the RV has been moved 300 feet.
Mac Councilors have talked about what the fine structure should look like. Currently it’s 45 dollars to be cited for an abandoned or improperly parked vehicle. Councilor Adam Garvin would like to say that raised to a hundred dollars as more of an encouragement to obey the law. Councilors say they are not in a hurry to have someone’s home towed, but that something has to be done to end to increasing number of older RV’s setting up residence on at least two of McMinnville’s streets. Booting or towing vehicles may come as another ordinance created after all of Mac’s parking ordinances are examined, so as to not single out one particular type of offender.

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