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Proudly serving our county

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Dave Adams
General Manager

Dave can be found absolutely anywhere where anything interesting is occuring. Dave is a hands on owner and loves to be involved in the day to day operations of KLYC! No desk jockey here! (pun intended) You'll see Super Dave cruising all over Yamhill county in the AM Van! The cruise has the news!

An avid Tiddlywinks player as a child, Dave had the unique vision of building homes out of Lincoln Logs adorned with Tiddlywink chips. He quickly abandoned his earlier dreams however, when as a young man, he found his true calling with the advent of Mr. Microphone!

But Seriously...






brian erickson sports announcer 150 Brian Eriksen
Sports Announcer / Sports Talk Show Host

Brian is the KLYC play by play sports announcer. He also hosts a sports talk show, Yamhill Sports Today, every Saturday morning at ten.

To learn more about Brian, you may click the links below.
BrianEriksen.Com - Linked In - Facebook - Twitter - Sound Cloud - Yamhill Today.Com